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The Seminaries





The education of youths has been part of Benedictine monasticism from its earliest days. The order, stability and balance of the monastic community offer a unique environment for the training of seminarians: both young and old.


The principal apostolic work of our community is the operation and maintenance of the minor and major seminaries. Beginning with grades 8 through 12 and offering four years of College and four years of Theology, the Seminary of Christ the King offers thirteen years of formation and education.

Seminaries Seminaries

We have, therefore, to establish a school of the Lord’s service, in the setting forth of which we hope to order nothing that is harsh or rigorous. But if anything be somewhat strictly laid down, according to dictates of sound reason, for the amendment of vices or the preservation of charity, do not therefore fly in dismay from the way of salvation, whose beginning cannot be but difficult. But as we go forward in our life and in faith, we shall with hearts enlarged and unspeakable sweetness of love run in the way of God’s commandments; so that never departing from His guidance, but persevering in His teaching in the monastery until death, we may by patience share in the sufferings of Christ, that we may deserve to be partakers of His kingdom.

Rule Prologue

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